David Crewdson is a master of integrative bodywork.  He has studied extensively with John Barnes (Myofascial Release), Leon Chaitow (Neuromuscular), John Upledger (Craniosacral) and many others.  Over the past 30 years he had creatively blended these modalities into an exceptionally effective and transformative therapy session.


David’s background in physical education and personal training combined with his personal exploration of nutrition, exercise, and meditation further enhance his ability to help his clients achieve their personal best.  His caring and supportive approach has enabled countless clients to live pain free and active lives or as David likes to say, “Go play and have fun!”


Sue Ellen Strong formed Myofascial Freedom 10 years ago when she joined forces with her mentor, David Crewdson.


After 15 years in the corporate world, utilizing her background in chemistry and business, and the next 6 years serving as the Vice President of the Childrens’ Neurological Solutions Foundation, Sue Ellen felt guided to become a therapist after personally receiving the transformational benefits of myofascial release therapy.


Sue Ellen is an expert in John Barnes’ Myofascial Release as well as craniosacral and neuromuscular therapies, yoga therapeutics and bioenergetics. She especially enjoys utilizing her experience with the special needs population.


She found this therapy to be exceptionally helpful for her daughter Kate who lives with cerebral palsy.  Remarkably, Kate’s spine remains straight despite the fact that she has been in a wheelchair her whole life.


The effectiveness of this treatment continues to hold Sue Ellen in awe of its powerful effect on so many conditions.


Jon Kammer pursued a degree in special education but was drawn to the amazing healing aspects of myofascial release through the experience of his daughter Neena, born with special needs.  By observing the power of this therapy first hand, he was inspired to become a licensed massage therapist, studying John Barnes’ Myofascial Release intensely.  Recognizing his special gifts, David and Sue Ellen invited Jon to join Myofascial Freedom in 2013.


Jon helps his clients gain freedom from pain using myofascial release therapy along with craniosacral techniques, soft tissue mobilization and bioenergetics.  His technique improves and augments all aspects of one’s full physical being. It also enhances emotional and energetic balance, promoting better awareness and super health.


Leslie Skillman-Hull, a nurse with over 30 years experience in addressing women’s health care issues, is excited to be expanding to include the John Barnes’ Myofascial Release techniques.


While her clinical practice started in 1975 as a postpartum and labor & delivery room nurse, she pursued advanced degrees in order to influence the nursing and medical community on the unique health needs of each individual female. This journey exposed her to women’s issues of fertility, conception and hormone regulation, maternal infant bonding, pelvic pain, and adolescent health needs.


As a result of her own healing experience with cancer, she experienced first hand the benefits MFR techniques provide.  She is proud to integrate her professional and personal experiences by offering the healing properties of MFR for women’s health issues.


Linda Downey brings an exceptional fitness background with a degree in Physical Education as well as a Masters in Exercise Physiology.  She believes working harder is not necessarily better and enjoys helping clients achieve a body that is pain free and strong.


In addition to her many years of personal training, she has also been an adjunct professor and was Co-Founder of the Xercise Institute, which was certified through the American Council on Exercise (ACE).


Her goal is to teach clients how to exercise so each can use these skills independently for a lifetime of fitness.  Her unique expertise in understanding special health issues makes her the perfect person to take MFR clients to the next level of superhealth.


Linda’s positivity is highly motivating.  Her favorite quote is, “The best exercise we can do is to lift up another person.”


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