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We are experienced, caring professionals who are focused on treating acute and chronic pain conditions including sports injuries, neck and back pain, concussions and migraines as well as enhancing optimal health.

Whereas many traditional approaches to treating pain act as band-aids and only treat symptoms, we identify and TREAT the CAUSE of pain and dysfunction in the body through an in-depth analysis of the body’s myofascia.

Myofascia is the connective tissue that forms a web and penetrates every layer of the body. The treatment uses gentle targeted pressure into this system to release restrictions and restore freedom of movement and relieve pain.

We can help!


At first, it would only help the day of her session but eventually the benefits would last longer until she was finally able to get out of bed for good and move on with her life. While she continues to get headaches on occasion, her recovery was truly a miracle for us.
R.R. and B.R.
John felt scar tissue from an old break and was able to break it up. The whole office is amazing.
SueEllen is quite knowledgeable, with truly gifted healing hands. Thank you, SueEllen!!
David Crewdson is THE BEST! This type of therapy is amazing…I always leave feeling just a bit more ‘healed’!
I was able to intern on Wall Street and receive a return offer all because of the mental cognitive abilities that I was able to regain through David’s treatment.
I’ve been seeing Eugenia at Myofascial Freedom for about a year and really appreciate the gentle but focused nature of her treatment.
It has probably been over a decade that I have been coming to David Crewdson for massage. I am forever grateful to him for being such a blessing to me and my body.