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David Crewdson

David Crewdson is a master of integrative bodywork. He has studied extensively with John Barnes (Myofascial Release), Leon Chaitow (Neuromuscular), John Upledger (Craniosacral) and many others. Over the past 30 years he had creatively blended these modalities into an exceptionally effective and transformative therapy session. David’s background in physical education and personal training combined with his personal exploration of nutrition, exercise, and meditation further enhance his ability to help his clients achieve their personal best. His caring and supportive approach has enabled countless clients to live pain free and active lives or as David likes to say, “Go play and have fun!”

Sue Ellen Strong

Sue Ellen Strong has a B.S. in chemistry, a MBA and experience in the corporate and non-profit sectors.  Sue Ellen felt guided to become a therapist after personally receiving the transformational benefits of myofascial release therapy.
Sue Ellen is an expert in John Barnes’ Myofascial Release as well as craniosacral and neuromuscular therapies, yoga therapeutics and bioenergetics. She especially enjoys utilizing her experience with the special needs population and has recently focused a large part of her practice towards helping expectant mothers and infants.  
She found this therapy to be exceptionally helpful for her daughter Kate who lives with cerebral palsy.  Remarkably, Kate’s spine remains straight despite the fact that she has been in a wheelchair her whole life.
It has been especially rewarding to see this therapy help mothers have easier deliveries and help babies easily overcome some of the challenges they face in the first few months such as colic, reflux, tongue-tie, torticollis, plagiocephaly and other issues that arise from the trauma of birth.
The effectiveness of this treatment continues to hold Sue Ellen in awe of its powerful effect on so many conditions.

Jon Kammer

Jon Kammer pursued a degree in special education but was drawn to the amazing healing aspects of myofascial release through the experience of his daughter Neena, born with special needs. By observing the power of this therapy first hand, he was inspired to become a licensed massage therapist, studying John Barnes’ Myofascial Release intensely. Recognizing his special gifts, David and Sue Ellen invited Jon to join Myofascial Freedom in 2013. Jon helps his clients gain freedom from pain using myofascial release therapy along with craniosacral techniques, soft tissue mobilization and bioenergetics. His technique improves and augments all aspects of one’s full physical being. It also enhances emotional and energetic balance, promoting better awareness and super health.

Eugenia Macchia

Eugenia Macchia, LMT brings an interesting professional dimension to Myofascial Freedom. She worked as a Mechanical Engineer for over 10 years, before her son was born with special needs.Through seeking alternative therapies to complement her son’s wellbeing, she discovered myofascial therapy and saw positive benefits with her son. She attended the Healing seminar taught by John Barnes PT and got a glimpse of the power within our amazing bodies.This experience led her to enroll in a Therapeutic Massage Program while also taking John Barnes Myofascial Release seminars. She has a passion to continue learning while giving her best to help clients relieve their aches, pains, and connect with their bodies.She also encourages self-care to aide recovery and to keep the body pain free.

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