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SueEllen was recommended to us by a friend whose daughter had suffered a concussion and battled severe headaches. While our teenage daughter had not suffered a concussion, she was experiencing daily migraines and insomnia so severe that she spent much of her days in bed. The only days that she seemed close to her true self were the days we went to SueEllen for myofascial release. We had tried acupuncture, biofeedback and ayurvedic medicine along with every drug our neurologist prescribed but the only thing that seemed to help her was the myofascial release. At first, it would only help the day of her session but eventually the benefits would last longer until she was finally able to get out of bed for good and move on with her life. While she continues to get headaches on occasion, her recovery was truly a miracle for us.
R.R. and B.R.
I was hit by a car as a pedestrian and no matter what the doctors or PTs did, still had back pain. I was uncertain about myofscial release at first, but within a few months my back was feeling better. I have been pain free for at least a year. thanks to Sue Ellen. The treatments didn’t stop there. I pulled a muscle, Sue Ellen fixed it. I was overly stressed, Sue Ellen put me back together again. She has a wealth of knowledge. She really cares for her client’s whole physical and emotional state. Her treatment is the highlight of my week. John has done great things for my daugther. She was always complaining about pain in her ankle and no doctor could find a reason. John felt scar tissue from an old break and was able to break it up. The whole office is amazing.
Thank you for bringing my body back into balance! I first came to SueEllen back in 2007 after shoulder surgery. I was unable to get full range of motion despite 6 full months of PT. I almost cancelled my first appointment (which I waited 2 weeks to get) due to a migraine headache. My first session was nothing but miraculous. I left without my headache, armed with self-treatment techniques, which pushed me to full range of motion within 2 months. Fast forward to 2010, after a minor slip on high heels, I had a double torn meniscus in my left knee. Not wanting surgery, I opted for PT. After months of grueling work and still so much pain, I once again turned to SueEllen. It took a bit longer this time to relieve the pain and swelling, but SueEllen did it again. NO surgery – and I am back doing squats in my workouts! Today I continue to see SueEllen on a semi-monthly basis. My sessions include different techniques, depending upon what my body needs at that moment. SueEllen is quite knowledgeable, with truly gifted healing hands. Thank you, SueEllen!!
David Crewdson is THE BEST! This type of therapy is amazing…I always leave feeling just a bit more ‘healed’!
I am a 22-year-old female, who sufferedfrom two concussions in March 2013 and September 2013. I saw relentlesspsychiatrists, neurologists, specialists and psychologists who all were convinced that I was fine and just needed time to feel normal again. I had just about given up and accepted that I would have headaches everyday and would not feel totally right again, when someone recommended David Crewdson. Through his treatment I have made miraculous transformations and now am a senior at Cornell-going to graduate on time and I was able to intern on Wall Street and receive a return offer all because of the mental cognitive abilities that I was able to regain through David’s treatment.
“I’ve been seeing Eugenia at Myofascial Freedom for about a year and really appreciate the gentle but focused nature of her treatment. She’s helped me through the healing process of several minor injuries and always provides recommendations of myofascial techniques I can do at home, which has greatly improved how I listen to and care for my body.

It has probably been over a decade that I have been coming to David Crewdson for massage. I am forever grateful to him for being such a blessing to me and my body. Myofascial release and Neuromuscular Therapy are powerful healing modalities for me. Many years ago I had some injuries and physical & emotional traumas. Some from childhood and some from a few accidents and David has helped set my body free. I always, in addition, leave uplifted having faith that my body has an intelligence of its own that can be tuned into. He also always assures me that I can age gracefully with my body remaining vibrant, lean, flexible and healthy. I cannot imagine what state my life and my body would be in without David’s support.

One time when David was not available and I had hurt my back, Sue Ellen worked on me and I remember her gentleness and powerful technique helping me so much as well.

THANK YOU Myofascial Freedom!!!!